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Storytelling and story writing have been the pillars of wisdom for generations. The World Runs on The Words. Nurture these skills in today’s children. Today’s Children Are Tomorrow’s Creators


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Nurturing Creativity in Kids

Nurturing Creativity in Kids


  • Main Idea: Kids lose creativity as they grow.
  • Key Point: Creativity means freedom to express.

Importance of Creativity

  • Basic Freedom: Share ideas, thoughts, and imaginations.
  • Richest When Young: Best creativity is in young kids.

Research Insights

  • NASA Study:
    • 98% of 4-5-year-olds are “creative geniuses.”
    • Drops to 30% by age 10.
    • Falls to 12% by age 15.
    • Only 2% of adults are still creative geniuses.

Reasons for Decline

  • School System: Favors following rules over being creative.
  • Society: Wants kids to follow routines and remember facts.
  • Guidance: Focuses on standard learning, not creative thinking.

Value of Creativity

  • Problem Solving: Helps with new ideas.
  • Emotional Health: Supports strong emotional well-being.
  • Independent Thinking: Better at handling the unknown.

Role of Parents, Teachers, and Society

  • Understanding: Know why creativity is important.
  • Encouragement: Let kids express themselves.
  • Mistakes and Learning: Allow kids to make and learn from mistakes.
  • Activities: Support storytelling, writing, drawing, etc.

Call to Action

  • Parents and Teachers: Create environments that encourage creativity.
  • Society: Focus less on rules and more on exploring ideas.

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Unlock Your Child’s Potential
Can you recall how you looked like when you were a child?
Can you remember your favorite childhood activity?
Do you remember how you thought as a child?
Did you ever lose in a world of your own mind as a kid?
Can you remember the crazy ideas and colorful dreams that ran through your head?
How many countless flashes of imaginations ran in your mind, only to be lost with time?
How many precious gems of creative thoughts born in your mind when you were a kid?
As a parent we missed the bus, but you can give it to your kid. Unlock your child’s potential to think like an artist, entrepreneur, financial guru, and brilliant communicator with our program. We guide your child embrace the mindset of an AUTHOR – the ultimate expression of creativity, imagination, and happiness.
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